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A miraculous aid:
Argireline™ amplified peptide

In the dynamic world of beauty, we were not simply looking for an evolution, but a revolution. Argireline™ amplified peptide is the first all-in-one multifunctional peptide focused on post-expression relaxation.

Botox ?
Here is the simplest and most effective
natural alternative

Argireline™ amplified peptide is the cosmetic answer to Botox. In fact, when we talk about Argireline™ amplified peptide we are talking about a Botox-like agent, that is, it mimics the behavior of botulinum toxin type A, which causes a kind of detensioning of facial muscles, reversibly inhibiting the presynaptic activity of neurons, which, translated, means BOTOX EFFECT.

The results are virtually the same as those seen from the use of Botox or facelift But using the substance through cosmetics completely curbs the side effects associated with injecting a toxin or a procedure that, however routine, is more invasive than a product applied to the skin

Peptide effetto Botox


  • Improved appearance of expression wrinkles

  • Helps reduce skin roughness

  • Visibly minimized fine lines

  • Improved skin isotropy

  • Brighter skin

  • Less skin fatigue

  • Improved firmness and elasticity

  • Increased volume appearance

  • Lifting effect

The skin aging process is
significantly slowed down

Clinical studies show the effectiveness of Argireline™ amplified peptide on delaying cellular aging. We still cannot act on the ultimate causes of this aging, but we can delay it by acting on collagen production by cells. Aging causes a reduction in the production of collagen, elastin and GAGs (glycosaminoglycans) that retain water in the tissues giving the typical turgidity of youthful age. With Argireline®, cellular production of these natural substances is reactivated, truly giving the face a more youthful, turgid appearance.

Skin looks 5 years younger*
in just 5 days of applying a 5% cream or serum (like our creams and serums) of Argireline™ Amplified peptide

Skin looks 8 years younger*
in 28 days of applying a 5% cream or serum (like our creams and serums) of Argireline™ Amplified peptide

*Scientifically proven with in vivo and in vitro tests done on the depth of wrinkles

In the dynamic world of beauty,
we were not simply looking for an evolution,
but a revolution.

Argireline™ amplified peptide:
A source of collagen

Argireline™ amplified peptide: A source of collagen
The extracellular matrix of the dermis represents the scaffolding that supports our skin, gives it strength and resistance to external agents, and makes it appear young and smooth. This matrix is composed mainly of collagen, the main protein in vertebrate connective tissue in general. Over the years, the natural production of collagen decreases and so our scaffold loses consistency, gradually thinning.
This is an inevitable natural phenomenon, although greatly related to a person’s lifestyle.

The process can be extremely rapid with frequent exposure to sunlight, especially if unprotected, or even during periods of increased stress, but the risk factors can be countless.
It has been shown that the use of Argireline™ amplified peptide, especially when combined with other preventive factors (healthy food and active living), has relevant effects on this decay, as it stimulates the natural production of collagen, going to curb the natural process of skin aging.

collagene della pelle a confronto
test clinici peptide naturale

Argireline™ amplified peptide:
the clinical trials

In clinical trials, a significant increase in skin elasticity of the periocular regions was observed, with a consistent decrease in wrinkles.

+18.8% increase in skin lipid tissue

+25.9% collagen levels (never under aging conditions)

+53.7% synthesis of new collagen and increase in firmness lost during aging.

Argireline™ amplified peptide :
where you find it

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    Men anti-aging face cream

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    Anti-aging face cream dry and sensitive skin

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