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I fondatori di Hetràs Cosmetics
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We are a young Italian company. We produce in Italian laboratories, with exclusive recipes created in Italy because we believe in the value of Made in Italy, which is not cosmetic, but presupposes deep knowledge, respect for people and their health, wisdom in dealing with the products of nature and taste in the values of aesthetics that is also taste and passion for life and beauty in all its forms.

We repropose in minimal style our way of understanding and living life; thanks to our perception of what surrounds us: the world and humanity.

Hetras is life, harmony and balance.

The choice of the word Etra, goes back to Greek mythology, in which Etra indeed, wife of Aegeus (king of Athens) and mother of Theseus, had the task of guarding her husband’s shield, sword and shoes, to give them to her son once he became an adult and able to fight However, Etra did not guard mere weapons, but treasures made of strength, cunning, intelligence and beauty. She was therefore the guardian of what was most precious.

We have modeled on our reality the concept of “preserving a treasure”: we preserve the beauty and health of the skin, a precious treasure. Our name, our image, represents exactly that.

We chose to combine the word Etra with a prefix-the H-and a suffix-the S, which express noble meanings. The letter H which has, esoterically, an extraordinary vital value, introduces us to life. And the final suffix with the letter S-which is the most harmonious and symmetrical letter, a symbol of balance, beauty and grace-giving harmony and balance to our name.

Here Hetràs becomes a representation of preserving the beauty and vitality of our nature through harmony and balance.

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To demonstrate this, the symbolic image of a flower serves as our logo: it is the dandelion that has transformed into a dandelion. It is precisely this transformation that testifies to strength, vitality and confidence in the future: virtues that declare the essence of our brand.

Therefore, it is all a manifestation of essentiality and “minimalism,” which is not meant to be pauperism, but to represent the evasion of all that is futile and excessive. As much in spirit as in everyday life and its simplest gestures.
Hetràs lives by essentiality and bases its philosophy in it.

Our products are designed and created precisely on the basis of this principle that we hold dear.

This allows us on a daily basis to promote a value that is fundamental to us: eco-sustainability.

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