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Let's make beauty
more sustainable

Minimalism represents a positive impact on the environment.

Those who choose to simplify their daily routine also contribute to making beauty more sustainable by minimising the amount of products and, consequently, the number of packages used.

We create ideals to stop time, even before cosmetic products that respect the planet and humanity. And to be a symbol of a holistic view of life.
We produce cosmetics with a few effective active ingredients of the highest quality, allowing us to reduce waste and observe essentiality. Also of the daily gesture needed to take care of the skin and body.

How do we do it?
We use biooriented and environmentally sustainable actives. We ensure the high concentration of valuable, 100% natural and biotechnologically derived ingredients designed according to the principles of green chemistry.
Our goal is to make us-and make you-essential in every way.

Ingredienti attivi bioorientati ed ecosostenibili
Responsabilità social Hetràs Cosmetics

We try to be sustainable
For the planet and future generations

Today, a company not only has a responsibility for the dissemination of products, images and trends in society, but must also be aware that every action involves consumption and has a greater or lesser impact on the planetary system.

It is now increasingly clear that decisions at the level of political governments do not solve the problem of environmental sustainability and that therefore the responsibility for maintaining the balance of life depends on each of us and our behaviour. In particular, companies must be active players on this front, minimizing their impact, reducing consumption and waste.

We at Hetràs have taken this task to heart and try hard to limit the ecological burden of our activity. We use natural products as much as possible and treat them with the utmost respect. Our laboratories are constantly analysing the sustainability of production processes, raw materials used, semi-finished and finished products.

We try to minimize waste of water, electricity and especially paper by computerizing processes, dissemination and communication as much as possible and by producing valuable but essential packaging designed to avoid waste and produced with FSC-certified paper.

And finally, we try to bring an informative, didactic and guiding voice to our customers, so that our drive towards absolute sustainability is also shared and implemented by our customers.

certificazione fsc Hetràs Cosmetics

Another way to make the beauty routine
More sustainable is making chemistry green!

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